Job Corps

About Job Corp

Job Corp is a federally funded program that was established in 1964 and provides educational opportunities to over 60,000 youth nationwide who have barriers to education or are at risk. 

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility is based primarily on income.  However, youths will also be considered if they have a documented disability such as a 504 or individual education plan (IEP).  With a 504 or IEP, the student is considered a "family of one" which means that the student must have an income of $12,760 or less.  Eligibility is not based on the family's income.

Job Corp (

JobCorps programs are residential and are similar to a small community college campus with grounds and facilities such as dormitories, recreation, cafeterias, and more.  Programs of study are offered in high-demand fields and typically run for about a year but some have advanced programs that can continue for another year.  Students work at their own pace and will earn industry certifications in their chosen fields.  Job Corps provides 100% financial and educational support to students that includes:  academic training, specialized clothing (scrubs or steel toe boots for example), room, board, healthcare, and even childcare if necessary.  Many of the centers work in coordination with local community colleges.   

The Northwest Region (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska) has 10 residential centers and offers training in the categories listed below.  A detailed list of locations and training programs can be found using this link Updated Trade Sheet 8.2020.pdf

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Business & Computer
  • Construction & Facilities
  • Medical & Health
  • Forestry & Environmental
  • Culinary
  • Protective Services

How do I start?  Click the "Get Started" button on the webpage and a representative will contact you in 24 hours.

Visiting a JobCorps center is highly recommended to make sure it is a good fit.