IDLA Online Courses

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA) is a consortium of online courses and resources available to all Idaho students.  There are many electives through IDLA that students might not otherwise get to access, such as:

* American Sign Language 1A & 1B
* Astronomy
* Business Computer Applications with Google

* Career Math A & B
* Creative Writing
* Digital Photography
* Exploring Computer Science
* Fashion & Textiles

* Forensic Science
* Fundamentals of Health Professions
* German 1A & 1B, German 2A & 2B
* Intro to Culinary Arts
* Intro to Drafting 1A & 1B
* Intro to Law & Justice
* Intro to Networking

* Intro to Visual Arts
 *Japanese 1A & 1B, 2A & 2B
 *Medical Terminology
* Mythology & Folklore
* Personal Finance
* Science of Animal Husbandry

* Sports & Entertainment Marketing
* STEM Careers
* World Geography
* Zoology

Most IDLA courses cost $75, which can be payable by a check made out to Moscow High School.  Advanced Opportunities Fast Forward funding can cover the cost of IDLA courses if they are either Dual Credit or overload, i.e. a course that is in addition to the student's full-time schedule.  

IDLA courses are offered as either Cohort or Flex:
Cohort courses generally last for 12 weeks, and students and their peers move through the course material at the same time, which allows ample opportunity for students to interact with their classmates and teacher.  Cohort courses are offered in Early Fall, Late Fall, Early Spring, Late Spring, Early Summer, and Late Summer.  There are also occasionally courses offered during the Fall Trimester and Spring Trimester.

Flex courses are go-at-your-own-pace within a certain timeframe for the course.  Flex courses are offered throughout the year, in addition to the times that Cohort courses are offered.

For more information or to register for a course, contact your MHS school counselor.