Athletic Eligibility

Verification of athletic eligibility of student athletes is the responsibility of each principal of each school.

All participants in contests sponsored by the I.H.S.A.A. must meet the eligibility regulations in each of the following:

  1. Physical Exam
    Students are required to undergo a physical examination and have it, along with an Interim Questionnaire, on file with the school prior to their first practice in any IHSAA sponsored sport, cheerleading, or dance activity. The Idaho Health Examination and consent form and Interim Questionnaire are available online at

    Physical exams must be taken and on file with the school prior to the first day of practice in the 9th and 11th grades. Any physical taken before May 1 of the 8th grade year will not be accepted. 9th and 11th grade physical must be dated on or after May 1. Please see IHSAA rules 13 for further explanation on physical rules. 

    Physicals are required in the 9th and 11th grade year. Students who have a physical in their 10th grade year must have another for the 11th grade. Students will not be required to take an additional physical examination during the 10th and 12th grades unless:

    a. The physician recommends the student have an additional examination
    b. The parents request and examination in the Interim Questionnaire
    c. Affirmative answers on 1-10 of the Interim Questionnaire indicate a possible need for a repeat physical examination.
    d. A student has transferred to Idaho from another state.

  2. Age
    A student becomes ineligible for athletics upon completion of the sport season in which he/she turns twenty years of age. This rule is non-appealable.
  3. Number of Semesters of Eligibility
    Participants are allowed eight (8) semesters of eligibility.
  4. Attendance the Previous Semester
    A student on a school team shall be enrolled in the school sponsoring that team unless it is involved in an approved co-operative school program or is in compliance with I.H.S.A.A. Rule 8-14-16.
  5. Foreign Exchange Students
    A foreign exchange student may participate in the host high school athletic program providing the Foreign Exchange Transfer Form has been submitted and filed by principal with I.H.S.A.A. and approved by the Executive Director. The exchange program must be one that is approved by the Council or Standards for International Travel.
  6. Non-Student Participant
    A student who participates in organized non-school sports competition after the starting date of a high school season in that sport, except as provided in Rule 12 (Special Events) is ineligible for the school team for the remainder of that sport.
  7. Academic
    To be academically eligible for athletics, a student must be enrolled full-time and have passing grades and earn credits in at least five (5) full credit subjects, or the equivalency, in that previous semester or grading period for which credit is granted.
  8. Substance Abuse Form
    All participants and their parents or guardians will sign the Substance Abuse Form indicating they have read the form and understand the consequences if the policy is broken.
  9. Insurance
    Parents/Guardians will sign off that they do or do not have medical insurance. If they do not have insurance they will purchase medical insurance recommended by the school district.
  10. Interim Consent Form
    the form must be completed prior to the first practice.
  11. Activities Registration Fee
    the district charges the following fees to play:

7th/8th Grades - $45 per activity | 9th Grade - $75 per activity | Junior Varsity/Varsity - $75 per activity

  1. Athletic Practices
    In order to practice on the first day, students must have ALL of the following forms on file in the training room office.

Insurance form, Up-to-date physical exam, Interim physical/consent form, Substance abuse form