Work Readiness Skills

Personal Qualities and People Skills

  1. POSITIVE WORK ETHIC: Comes to work every day on time, is willing to take direction, and is motivated to accomplish the task at hand
  2. INTEGRITY: Abides by workplace policies and laws and demonstrates honesty and reliability
  3. TEAMWORK: Contributes to the success of the team, assists others, and requests help when needed
  4. SELF-REPRESENTATION: Dresses appropriately and uses language and manners suitable for the workplace
  5. DIVERSITY AWARENESS: Works well with all customers and coworkers
  6. CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Negotiates diplomatic solutions to interpersonal and workplace issues
  7. CREATIVITY AND RESOURCEFULNESS: Contributes new ideas and works with initiative

Professional Knowledge and Skills

  1. SPEAKING AND LISTENING: Follows directions and communicates effectively with customers and fellow employees
  2. READING AND WRITING: Reads and interprets workplace documents and writes clearly
  3. CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING: Analyzes and resolves problems that arise in completing assigned tasks
  4. HEALTH AND SAFETY: Follows safety guidelines and manages personal health
  5. ORGANIZATIONS, SYSTEMS, AND CLIMATES: Identifies “big picture” issues and his or her role in fulfilling the mission of the workplace
  6. LIFELONG LEARNING: Continually acquires new industry-related information and improves professional skills
  7. JOB ACQUISITION AND ADVANCEMENT: Prepares to apply for a job and to seek promotion
  8. TIME, TASK, AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Organizes and implements a productive plan of work
  9. MATHEMATICS: Uses mathematical reasoning to accomplish tasks
  10. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Identifies and addresses the needs of all customers, providing helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable service

Technology Knowledge and Skills

  1. JOB-SPECIFIC TECHNOLOGIES: Selects and safely uses technological resources to accomplish work responsibilities in a productive manner
  2. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Uses computers, file management techniques, and software/programs effectively
  3. INTERNET USE AND SECURITY: Uses the Internet appropriately for work
  4. TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Selects and uses appropriate devices, services, and applications


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