Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

The AP exam coordinator is Mrs. Bafus ([email protected]); her office is in the Career Center (Room 125A).  You can also call 208-882-2591 if you have any questions.

Exam schedule   First 2 weeks of May.

AP Exam Registration/Cancellation information  Mid-November deadline.  Register at myap.CollegeBoard.org with join codes from your teachers.

AP Exam Funding Instructions  Idaho Advanced Opportunities pays for AP exams.  Mrs. Bafus will submit funding requests for student exams.  

College credit:  College credit awarded through an AP exam is different for each university.  One university may require an exam score of 4 while another might require a 5.  Use the AP Credit Policy Search to see the score you need to earn on an AP exam to receive college credit at a school you are interested in attending. 

Dual credit course equivalency: College credit may also be earned through dual credit courses through universities. Each university registrar's office has a dual credit equivalency web page that will tell you if they accept the credit from the university where you are taking the dual credit coursework.  For example, you can search "WSU transfer credit equivalency" to check.  

If your coursework will transfer then there would not be a need to take an AP exam in addition to the dual credit coursework. However, if you are evaluating multiple schools and their transfer policies differ, an AP exam might be a good backup.

Ms. Lyon notes that "...if a school won't take the dual enrollment credit, they might if it's paired with an AP score.  Western Washington will take dual credit IF it's paired with an AP score.  Montanan is similar."  Another thing for students to consider is even if a school doesn't take the credits, it can help them get into elite schools and honors programs (Mr. Quinn).

Exam only students:   MHS students may participate in AP exams as "exam-only" students which means they want to take an exam but are not enrolled in an AP course. Exam-only students may be taking dual credit through a university or pursuing independent study.