College Readiness

 Presentation for Juniors & Their Parents  (May 28, 2024)

Checklists for College Readiness by Grade:

-9th Grade
-10th Grade
-11th Grade
-12th Grade

Senior Biographical Data Sheet (a.k.a. "Brag Sheet")

The information you provide on this form will help counselors and teachers become more familiar with you so they can write meaningful and effective recommendations as you apply for scholarships, awards, college admissions, jobs, and other opportunities.


Finding the Right College

We’re happy to help you research colleges.  When you do so, make sure to check their admission requirements, costs, location, size, campus life, and city population.  
Some websites to use for research include:
Big Future
Princeton Review


Other Resources:

-Community Service Ideas to build up your résumé.
Palouse Pathways, a local 501(c)(3) helping students and their families with college and career planning.
-HSNavigator, a search tool for finding Summer Programs, Internships, Conferences, and Volunteer Opportunities.
-Buck the Quo, a video series about a variety of post-high-school options sponsored by the J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation.
-ApplyIdaho, a free online application to ten colleges and universities in Idaho.

-The Common Application, a free online application used by over 400 colleges and universities.
-NCAA Eligibility Requirements
-NAIA Eligibility Requirements
-AP Exam Equivalency College Credit Lookup-Advanced Opportunities, which provides Idaho students with up to $4,125 for Dual Credit, overload courses, and exam fees
-Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a required application for any federal student aid
-CSS Financial Aid Profile, a financial aid tool for certain selective colleges
-Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), a consortium of state schools to create more affordable out-of-state tuition
-Idaho State Board of Education, which includes the Governor's Cup, the Opportunity Scholarship, and a matching Post-Secondary Credit Scholarship