Career Exploration Resources

Career Exploration Resources

NextSteps Idaho

Use the "mega menu" (the three bars top right of the webpage) to see a menu of everything available at NextSteps.  Tools include scholarships, grade-level checklists, learning plans, and direct admissions to Idaho schools.

ASSESSMENTS:  Next Steps Idaho has a variety of assessments (six in all).  Try one or try them all.

 Idaho Career Exploration System (Idaho CIS)

User name is "moscowhs" and password is "gobears05"

Idaho CIS is a good place to compare schools, programs of study, and learn about occupations.  The school sort feature is helpful and there are scholarship resources and assessment tools. 

ASSESSMENTS:  Float over the Assessments tab, select Career Cluster Inventory, and the Interest Profiler Short Form.  Create a profile to save your results; drill into occupations and explore. 

Career Coach Region 2 Schools (Lightcast)

Career Coach provides a 6 or 60-question assessment and returns your top 10 matching occupations.  Drill into programs of study throughout our region, the skills employers are looking for, and link to employers that are hiring.

ASSESSMENT:  6 OR 60 questions the choice is yours!  Of course, the longer of the two will give you a more complete picture.  Download your results to see your top 10 careers and top personality traits to learn about yourself.


Search "career" to see short videos from young people who have recently graduated from college and are working in a variety of areas.  In addition to specific careers, Khan has their "Navigate Your Career" series which is excellent.

Guide to Choosing a Career Path (

Great ideas and things to consider.

Roadtrip Nation's Roadmap Tool

Fast and fun!  The Roadmap ASSESSMENT Tool has you select your top two interests and "what lights you up"!  Your results feature other people and what they are doing for work.  Through personal interviews, the professionals share their career path stories including education, challenges, and advice.

Career One Stop

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Career One Stop is easy to navigate and has up-to-date employment and training information.