Interview Skills

Interview Skills

Get ready for a great interview.  UCLA famed coach John Wooden said, "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail."   Get ready to succeed!

Tips for a successful interview

Examples in this category...Should I wear perfume?  Get rid of your gum!  Avoid using slang and contractions and use proper English.

  • Listen fully and completely to your interviewer's questions.  Avoid composing your answer in your head until after they have finished or you may miss hearing something.  It is okay to take a second to think and then respond.  
  • Take three resumes with you (one for yourself and two extras).
  • Take a notepad and a nice pen.  Write their names down or ask for the interviewer's business card if possible.  Also, write your questions for the interviewer in your notepad in case you forget them, you can refer to them there.
  • Wait for the interviewer to sit first if it is not awkward, this is a respectful thing.
  • To conclude your interview, you must ask for the job!  You can always decline if you decide but put yourself in the driver's seat so that you have the option.

Interview from tips from

Quick tips for a successful interview from Men's Wearhouse

Interview pitfalls

50 common interview questions and answers (Question #50 has good questions you can ask of the interview at the end of your interview.)


STAR Method (

The STAR Method stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result and will help you keep your answers focused and avoid rambling.

Body language do's and don'ts. 

Our personal habits tend to exasperate when we are nervous.  Add knuckle cracking to your list of don'ts.

10 body language tics that could cost you the interview & the job (

18 body language tips to remember during your next interview (


Video-conferencing has grown exponentially as a way for employers to weed out interviewees before spending money to bring people in for a face-to-face.  Lights, camera, action!

Best practices for a video-conferencing interview (

Dress for Success

First impressions are everything!  And, it's all in the details.  For example, should your belt match my shoes?  Download the Dress For Success presentation from Men's Warehouse and learn how to choose interview attire that is right for the prospective role.