Course Requests & Four Year Plan

Course Request Form

Make sure to check the Graduation Requirements for your class.  Consult the Academic Guide if you would like more information about any course.

* A full schedule is 7 courses per semester.
* Students earn 1 credit for each completed course.
* Core classes (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science) are spread out over the four years.
* P.E. 1, Speech, and Health are typically taken in 9th and/or 10th grade.
* It’s strongly recommended to take 2 years of the same World Language.

Math Sequence:

Science Sequence:

Four Year Plan

It is a graduation requirement for students in Idaho to review their Four Year Plan every year. 
The Four Year Plan helps ensure that students are taking the necessary classes for graduation and preparing themselves well for their futures after high school.

Check your MSD281 Google Drive for a Four Year Plan that was shared with you.

This should be a file named YourLastName_YourFirstName_Four_Year_Plan.
If you don't have this file, please email Wes Andrews at [email protected]

Note that the Four Year Plan includes drop-down menus in each cell to make your selections faster.  

Need some inspiration?  Check out these Sample Four Year Plans.

If you don't have the Four Year Plan file in your Google Drive, you can also use this Google Sheet Template to view the Four Year Plan.  Click "File" -->"Make a Copy" to edit, and then share your document with [email protected].