Dual Credit

University of Idaho Dual Credit
Dual credit lets MHS students enroll in college courses prior to high school graduation.  College credits earned through dual credit can be applied toward both high school and college graduation and can be transferred to other colleges or universities.  Dual credit eases the transition to college by giving students firsthand exposure to college-level work while earning high school and college credit simultaneously.  Classes may be taught at the MHS campus, the university campus, or online.  

Dual Credit courses on the UI campus must be approved by the UI instructor.  Students should work with their MHS counselor to discuss how these courses will count for high school credit.  Students can also contact UI's Academic Advising at advising@uidaho.edu to find out if they have met the prerequisite requirements to take a particular course.  See the UI Class Schedule for course times and information. 

Whether taken on the MHS campus or on the UI campus, students can access their Advanced Opportunities funding to pay up to $75 per credit, which covers the Dual Credit discount rate of $75 per credit during fall and spring terms.  Keep in mind that any college class taken with funding from Advanced Opportunities must post to your high school transcript.

Dual credit courses on the MHS campus are offered in partnership with the University of Idaho. 
MHS students can also take dual credit courses online through Lewis-Clark State College, Idaho State University, Boise State University, Northwest Nazarene, the College of Western Idaho, and the College of Southern Idaho.

MHS courses that may be offered as Dual Credit include:

MHS Course College Course College Credits
Art 111 B [McMurtry] UI: ART 111 Drawing I 2
Honors Chemistry B [Pollard]
UI: CHEM 101 Introduction to Chemistry 3
Honors Chemistry B [Pollard]
UI: CHEM 101L Introduction to Chemistry Lab 1
Computational Thinking & Prob Solving A&B [Blount] registration in spring is acceptable UI: CS 112 Computational Thinking 3
AP English 11 A&B [Lyon 2022-2023] UI: ENGL 102 College Writing and Rhetoric 3
AP English 12 A [M. Hightower]
UI: ENGL 175 Literature and Ideas
AP French A&B [Eareckson] UI: FREN 301 Advanced French Grammar
Literature of Western Civilization A [M. Hightower]
UI: ENGL 257 Literature of Western Civilization
Literature of Western Civilization B [M. Hightower] UI: ENGL 258 Survey of Western World Lit II 3
Advanced Environmental Science A or B [Quinn] UI: ENVS 101 Intro to Environmental Science 3
Advanced Environmental Science A or B [Quinn]
UI: ENVS 102 Field Activities in Env. Sci. 1
French II A&B [Eareckson] registration in spring is recommended
UI: FREN 102 Elementary French II 4
French III A&B [Eareckson] registration in spring is recommended UI: FREN 201 Intermediate French I 4
Pre-Calculus A [Walker] [Gravel] UI: MATH 143 College Algebra 3
Pre-Calculus B [Walker] [Gravel]
UI: MATH 144 Analytic Trigonometry
AP Calculus A&B [Walker] [Gravel] registration in spring is recommended UI: MATH 170 Analytic Geometry & Calculus 4
US Government A [Dalebout] UI: POLS 101 Intro to Political Science 3
Spanish II A&B [Garcia] [Espy] UI: SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish I 4
Spanish III A&B [Garcia] [Espy] UI: SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I 4
AP Spanish Language A&B [Garcia] UI: SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II 4
Statistics A&B [Hannon] registration in spring is recommended UI: STATS 251 Statistical Methods 3
Advanced Speech A or B [Kirkland] repeatable NNU: COMM 1210 Intro to Public Speaking 3 / 1
US History A [Tanner] [Hoogsteen] NNU: HIST 2030 Conflict and Consensus: American History to 1877
US History B [Tanner] [Hoogsteen]  NNU: HIST 2030 Conflict and Consensus: American History from 1877

There are also dozens of Dual Credit courses available through IDLA and ~100 courses available through Independent Study in Idaho.

Step 1:Register for Dual Credit through the U of I
Visit the Dual Enroll website
Click the link to register via the University of Idaho’s Dual Enroll site.
New users: Create a profile, apply, and register.
Returning Dual Enroll users: Login, apply, and register.
Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Step 2: Funding
Advanced Opportunities gives MHS students an allotment of $4,125 to use toward the cost of overload courses, dual credits, and exams.  Advanced Opportunities credits must be school approved in the portal before the Dual Credit Office can enroll students.  Students (not parents) need to create their own accounts.  Once you create your account you will then need to wait to get it approved; all requests will be checked and approved daily by MHS Registrar.  After your account has been approved, you will need to then log into your account and apply for funding for EACH course.  This video shows step-by-step directions on how to create an account and apply for funding.  Once registered, all students can log in to their VandalWeb account to view charges and make payments. (The university will need up to 2 weeks to process Advanced Opportunities payments to your student account.)

Also, make sure to turn in a new Advanced Opportunities Fast Forward Participation Form every year.

Options for Payment other than using Advanced Opportunities funds:

      • Tuition and fees can be paid in full by cash, check, debit card, credit card or electronic bank transfer (E-Check).
      • Cash is accepted only in person at the Student Accounts/Cashiers window (Bruce Pitman Center, 1st floor, Room 125).
      • Checks are accepted in person at the Student Accounts/Cashier's window or by mail.
      • Debit card payments (with a PIN), are accepted only in person at the Student Account/Cashier's window.
      • Credit card and debit card payments are accepted via VandalWeb (with a convenience fee of $3 or 2.85%, whichever is greater).
      • Electronic bank transfers (E-Checks) are only accepted via VandalWeb (no convenience fee is applied).

For additional Billing and Payment Information, click here.  


Add/Drop Dates

MHS deadline to submit packet for Dual Credit Tuesday, February 14, 2023
U of I deadline to drop Dual Credit course (and receive refund)
U of I deadline to withdraw from a course (take a "W" and receive no refund)