ISATs (Idaho Standard Achievement Test)

Mrs. Bafus is the test coordinator ( and her office is in the Career Center (room 125A).

ISATs take place every spring.

Sophomore students take the English Language Arts exam and a math exam.
Junior students take a Science exam.

Spring 2021
Dear Parents,

To prevent lost class time, we have scheduled exams for Wednesdays except for special education students that will be tested during the regular school days March 23 through April 2.  If possible, please try to schedule any appointments around these days and times.  If your student is sick, they should not come to school to test, makeup days will be available.  Room assignments will be made with safety in mind and will be posted for students prior to testing. 

Bus transportation will be provided by request.  Please use this form if your student needs a ride to and from school on test days.  Sign up no later than 3 p.m. on the Monday prior to your student’s test. 

Chromebooks It will be imperative that students who have been issued a school Chromebook bring it fully charged on the days they come for ISAT testing.  There will not be another device available for them to use.

Test materials – If your student has a preferred pair of wired earbuds, they should bring them for the English ISAT on March 31 otherwise a pair will be provided.   Nothing else is needed.

2021 ISAT exam schedules: