Advanced Opportunities Funding Instructions

How to apply for funding through Advanced Opportunities to pay for your AP exam

If you have questions or need help please contact Mrs. Bafus at or 208-882-2591 or stop by her office in the Career Center.

Advanced Opportunities gives MHS students an allotment of $4,125 to use toward the cost of overload courses, dual credits, and exams.   Students (not parents) need to create their own Advanced Opportunities accounts and request funding for either a course or exam.

This video shows step-by-step instructions on how to create an account and apply for funding for a dual credit course.  If you are applying  for AP exam funding the only difference is that you will need to select EXAM funding rather than COURSE funding.   You can also follow the steps below.

Steps to create an account and/or apply for AP exam funding:

1.)  Go to Advanced Opportunities

2.)  Existing accounts:  If you have taken a dual credit course or AP exam previously you have an account and were instructed to use your personal email.  If you need to reset your password the email for this will likely go to your spam mailbox.  Once logged in proceed to step 4 to request funding.

3.)  New accounts: 
  • Select "create an account"
  • Fill out the new account form. 
  • MHS Registrar Colleen Robbins will copy/paste in your EDUID number so don't worry about that.
  • Click the "Enroll new student" button to create your account.
  • Within minutes you will receive an auto-generated email (this often gets sent to junk mail); you will need to click the link to verify. 
  • Once you click the link, MHS Registrar will be sent a request to approve your account registration.  All requests will be checked and approved daily by MHS Registrar.  Note:  You will know your account registration has been approved when, after logging back into your account, the "Request Funding" button has appeared. 
  • If after 24 hours, you do not see it, contact Colleen Robbins, MHS Registrar. 
  • After your account has been created you can request funding for courses or exams.  Proceed to step 4.

4.)  Request funding for your EXAM:
  • Log into your Advanced Opportunities account
  • Click on the "Funding Request" tab
  • Select the "Exam" funding option for an AP exam.
  • Indicate the correct school year.
  • Indicate school district (it will say "Moscow District")
  • Select your school
  • Term will be "spring" for AP exams.
  • Exam type will be "Advanced Placement".
  • Enter your AP exam date.  
  • Submit your funding request.
  • Repeat for each exam you need funding for.