Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

The AP exam coordinator is Mrs. Bafus (; her office is in the Career Center (Room 125A).

2021 exam schedule   MHS will do Administration 1 May 3-17, 2021.

Why AP?:  Students who desire rigorous coursework and want the chance to earn college credit through an AP exam may want to take an AP course and/or exam.   

Exam cost:  Exams are $95 and Idaho Advanced Opportunities will pay the cost of AP exams but you must apply for the funding.  See the MHS instructions on how to apply for funding.  

College credit:  College credit awarded through an AP exam is different for each university.  One university may require an exam score of 4 while another might require a 5.  Use the AP Credit Policy Search to see the score you need to earn on an AP exam to receive college credit at a school you are interested in attending. 

College credit may also be earned through dual credit courses at universities. Each university registrar's office has a dual credit equivalency web page that will tell you if they accept the credit from the university where you are taking the dual credit course work.  For example, you can search "WSU transfer credit equivalency" to check.  

U of I course equivalency tool:  The instructions are a little confusing but select the state where your FUTURE school is located, then select your FUTURE school and you will receive a list of the courses that are equivalent at your FUTURE school and you should see if they will accept your UI credit.  The tool is for students transferring TO the UI and is why the questions seem backward.  Try it out at

If your coursework will transfer then there would not be a need to take an AP exam in addition to the dual credit coursework. However, if you are evaluating multiple schools and their transfer policies differ, an AP exam might be a good backup.

Ms. Lyon notes that "...if a school won't take the dual enrollment credit, they might if it's paired with an AP score.  Western Washington will take dual credit IF it's paired with an AP score.  Montanan is similar." 

MHS AP teachers & AP Courses:
Dean Walker - Calculus AB
Bryce Gravel - Calculus AB
Pat Blount - Physics C: Mechanics and Computer Science A
Rachel Lyon - English Language & Composition
Mike Hightower - English Literature & Composition
Jessica Garcia - Spanish Language & Culture 

Exam only students:   MHS students may participate in AP exams as "exam only" students which means they want to take an exam but are not enrolled in an AP course. Exam only students may be taking dual credit through a university or pursuing independent study. Exam only students at MHS took the following exams in the spring of 2020: AP Psychology, AP Micro Economics, AP Macro Economics, AP German Language & Culture, AP Calculus BC, and AP Biology.

AP participation: The snip below shows the participation level at MHS last school year, 2019-20.

AP exam stats

Exam registration (deadline Friday, November 6, 2020): Students will receive join codes from their teachers. Upon joining, students will automatically be registered for an AP exam. If you have joined but do NOT want to take an AP exam you will need to change the exam order indicator in your AP account to "NO" before the exam order deadline of November 13, 2020.  Teachers can do this for students as well as Mrs. Bafus.  Students who are not in an AP class but want to take an exam are called “exam only” students and can see Mrs. Bafus for a join code that they will use to register them for the exam.

Exam order (deadline Friday, November 13, 2020):
Mrs. Bafus will submit the exam order to College Board on or before this date.

Late registration available through March 13, 2021:
If you register for an exam after November 13, 2020 deadline the fee is $40 per exam. 

Exam cancellation:  For the 2020-21 school year only, exams may be canceled at no cost.  Please make an effort to do so prior to March 12, 2021.  To cancel your test registration please let your teacher or Mrs. Bafus know.  They will change the exam indicator to "No".  It is your responsibility to let them know.  If you cancel your exam you will also need to cancel your request for Advanced Opportunities funding.  

Testing occurs May 3 - 17, 2021 for each subject. Visit AP Central for the exam schedule.  MHS will do Administration 1.