Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering (Community Service)

Helping Others Helps YOU!

College and scholarship applications usually ask about your community service.  For example:

University of Idaho college application:  "Please list your community service activities."
Washington State University college application:   "Explain what you have done to make your community a better place to live.  Give examples of specific projects in which you have been involved over time."

Benefits of volunteering:
1.)  Earn scholarships such as the Idaho Governor's Cup and many others.
2.)  Gives strength to your college application.
3.)  Gain experience & job skills.
4.)  Develop leadership qualities.
5.)  Increase self-confidence.
6.)  Develop a sense of purpose.
7.)  Increase your social & relationship skills.
8.)  Make new friends & contacts.
9.)  Counteract the effects of stress, anger & anxiety.
10.) Be happy by helping.
11.) Make your community a great place to live.

It is important that you enjoy the type of service you choose and that you have the time to stick with it. 
Ask yourself these questions before you commit to an organization:
1.)  How much time do I have to commit?
2.)  Do I want an ongoing regularly-scheduled assignment, a short-term assignment, or a one-time assignment?
3.)  Am I willing to participate in a training course or do I want to start my volunteer work immediately?
4.)  Which talents or skills do I have to offer?
5.)  What would I most like to learn by volunteering?
6.)  What don't I want to do as a volunteer?
7.)  Do I want to work alone or with a group?
8.)  What kind of people do I want to work with?  Both in terms of who is receiving my services and who my co-workers might be.

Volunteer ideas & opportunities:

Local organizations:
1912 Center (Heart of the Arts)
Backyard Harvest
Bear Buddies
Chamber of Commerce
Disability ActionCenter
Elks Lodge
Friends of the Clearwater
Gritman Junior Volunteers
Humane Society of the Palouse
Idaho Fish & Game
Latah County Historical Society
Latah County Library District
Moose Lodge
Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute
Palouse Habitat for Humanity 
Quilts of Valor
Rock Steady Boxing
U of I Arboretum

City of Moscow
Arts Division (and Commission)
Community Events Department
Fair & Affordable Housing Commission
Farmers' Market (and Commission)
Historic Preservation Commission
Human Rights Commissionb
Mayor's Youth Advisory Council
Police Explorer's Program
Volunteer Fire Department
Parks & Recreation Department (and Commission)
Sanitation & Recycling Department
Spring downtown cleanup day
Sustainable Environment Commission
Transportation Commission

After-school programs
Community  theaters, museums
Food drives
High school clubs can be philanthropic in nature and/or provide service activities.  For example, Key Club and Environmental Club.
High school concessions
Highway litter cleanup
Places of worship, church
School district summer program
Senior center
Youth coach or referee